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Energy Tip of the Month

January 2019
Is your hot water tank warm to the touch? Consider insulating it to save 7 to 16 percent annually on water heating costs. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Source:

February 2019
Laundry Tip: Dry towels and heavier cottons separately from lighter-weight clothing. You’ll spend less time running the dryer for lighter-weight items, which saves energy.  Source:

March 2019
Spring is nearly here! Now is the perfect time to test your A/C and ensure it’s ready for summer. Remember to check the evaporator coil, which should be cleaned annually for optimal efficiency.   Source:

April 2019
Streaming content with electronic equipment that has earned the ENERGY STAR® rating will use 25 to 30 percent less energy than standard equipment.   Source:


October 2018
Cooler temps are just around the corner! Is your home’s heating system ready? Remember to replace furnace filters once a month or as recommended. If you heat your home with warm-air registers, baseboard heaters or radiators, remember to clean them regularly to increase efficiency. Source:

November 2018
Got holiday leftovers? When possible, use the microwave to reheat food. Microwaves use as much as 80 percent less energy than a standard oven. Source:

December 2018
Heading out of town for the holidays? Remember to unplug electronics that draw a phantom energy load. Some gadgets, like TVs, gaming consoles, chargers and DVD players use energy when plugged into an outlet––even when they’re not in use.


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