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New pricing for solar

Participation in Northeastern REMC’s Community Solar Program provides an ideal solution for residential and commercial members who support renewable energy but don’t have a suitable site for solar panels or the money to invest in a system of their own. Northeastern’s new pricing has now made solar power much more affordable.

All solar panels are located on Northeastern’s property. Members do not own the panel, they simply receive the production credit for the panel with no maintenance worries.

1.   Members pay a $50 sign-up/administration fee for each panel.

2.  Members pay a monthly fee of $5 per panel to receive any production credit.

3.  Production credits will be shown as a reduction in total kWh usage.

4.  kWh credits and monthly charges will be separate line items on the member’s bill.

5.  There is a limit of 10 panels per member.

6.  Members may cancel at any time. Return to the program requires another $50 sign-up/administration fee per panel.

7.  Credits may be issued at the end of each year for any demand reduction produced by the solar panels.   

8.  Once 155 panel production credits have been purchased, no further sign-ups will be taken. Additional names will be taken for possible future consideration if cancellations occur.

9.  This program ends 12/31/35.

For more information or to purchase panels, call 625-3700.

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