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Operation RoundUp® Member Sign-up

When Northeastern REMC was founded in 1936, people joined together to build their own electric system because private power companies refused to serve rural areas.  Continuing this principle of working together, we have implemented a program which helps co-op members reach out to worthy causes in their communities and work together to help others.  This program is called Operation RoundUp®.

Operation RoundUp® is a community service fundraising program which Northeastern REMC began offering in October, 2001. The program is administered by the board of trustees of Northeastern REMC Community Trust, Inc.

The way this program works is simple. Each month Northeastern “rounds up” the electric bills of participating members to the next highest dollar. For example–a bill for $83.76 would be rounded to $84.00 and .24¢ would be donated to the program from this bill. This program is strictly voluntary – if members don’t want to participate, they don’t have to.

All donations are placed in a trust fund and administered by the board of trustees of  Northeastern REMC Community Trust, Inc. Funds gathered by the program are allocated for many types of worthy projects in Northeastern’s service area. Funds are used to support not-for-profit organizations and individuals with critical needs.

Each member who participates will receive an annual summary of their contributions on their December bill. All contributions to Operation RoundUp® are tax-deductible. On the average, each member contributes approximately $6.00 per year. The whole concept of this program is “small change that changes lives”.

Guidelines for awarding this money address special needs for individuals as well as community educational and charitable projects. Political campaigns and issues will not be considered for funding, nor will the funds be used for electric bill relief.

If you are associated with a not-for-profit organization and wish to be considered for Operation RoundUp® funds, please call 1-888-413-6111, or e-mail Nancy Law with any questions.

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