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Security Lighting

Northeastern REMC’s business members find outdoor lighting can be effective in security and as a way to highlight offices and buildings.

Full-service dusk-to-dawn lighting by Northeastern REMC eliminates all the worry. One nominal monthly service charge covers initial installation, all maintenance and energy use. Nothing to buy, nothing to replace.

Members are assured a dependable light--night after night. Automatically on at dusk, off at dawn. Care-free outdoor lighting today offers more options and more uses than ever before. New technology--high pressure sodium and metal halide lamps--produce more light for less money and lets you direct it more precisely.

Dusk-to-dawn units are available in two different energy-efficient lamp type:

High-pressure sodium -
Available in directional or non-directional units, gives a warm, golden-white glow and is far more efficient than incandescent or even mercury vapor units.

Metal halide -
Provides a directional white light that doesn’t distort colors.

Outdoor dusk-to-dawn lighting fixtures available are:

 Cobra Head Lighting Picture
  Cobra Head -This fixture is ideal for parking lots or roadways due to width of the lighting pattern.


Directional Flood Lighting Picture
  Directional Flood -This fixture lets you aim the light to cover a specific area. It provides excellent accent lighting for signs and buildings.


Non-Directional Area Light Picture
  Non-Directional Area -This fixture is ideal for general illumination due to its circular light pattern.


Note: Additional fees may be required for wire spans and transformer needs.


Rate Schedule RL:  Rental Lighting

Rate Schedule RL-4:  Energy Use Lighting


Appendix A – Purchased Power Cost Adjustment

Appendix A.1 – Purchased Power Cost Adjustment History

Appendix B – Misc. Charges

Appendix E – Operation Round-Up Applicable to All Rates


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