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Surge Protection

Along with warm weather comes more frequent storms for which we all should be prepared.

As we seek personal shelter from the rumble and flashes of summer storms, there is also a way to create shelter for your home and large appliances from potentially damaging weather events.

Thunder storms often create cloud-to-ground lightning strikes that choose power lines as the easiest path to transfer energy from the storm clouds to ground. Northeastern REMC takes precautions by installing distribution line surge arrestors throughout our system but there can still be a significant surge risk if lightning strikes near your home and decides to use your appliances as part of its easy path to ground.

Protecting your home from lightning strikes is quite easy. Simply call Jeanne at 260-625-3700/244-6111, ext. 403, and speak to our energy advisor, or eMail Jeanne Hasty, to sign up for the NREMC SURGE PROTECTION PROGRAM. Our trained technician will install a specially designed meter base surge protector right at your electric meter to block incoming power surges and redirect these potentially damaging surges to earth ground before they can enter your home.

The system can be installed for a one time installation charge of $229.95.  Additional plug-in surge protectors can be purchased at, using the discount code “NREMC” for special price reductions on many of the products offered through this website.  

Northeastern REMC surge protection system can be quite helpful in protecting your home and appliances as thunder- storms pass through our area.  Don’t delay… call today and be ready when storms arrive!


Meter base surge protector must be paid for before installation.  Members can call NREMC and pay by credit card, or stop by our office and pay by check or cash.

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