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Water Heater Program Rebate Agreement

In consideration for Northeastern REMC (NREMC) providing a rebate (credit to electric bill) for the purchase of an electric water heater, the undersigned residential/business member agrees to abide by the following terms and conditions of this agreement.

1.  Member acknowledges purchase of a new 50 gallon or larger electric water heater by returning a
     completed rebate form and a copy of the purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase to
     NREMC.  Forms/copies can be emailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off in person.
2.  The electric water heater must be installed on NREMC lines to be eligible for the rebate.  
     Installation is the responsibility of the member.  It is also the member’s responsibility to contact
     NREMC to schedule an appointment for installation verification.  
3.  A water heater fueled by any source other than electricity is not permitted in the home’s water
     heating system.  Member should consult with NREMC’s Energy Advisor if there are compliance
4.  NREMC will provide a $400 credit to member’s electric bill only after installation verification has
     been completed.
5.  Only one (1) rebate will be given per address in any 15 year period.
6.  To qualify for this rebate, the member must agree to a Load Management Switch (LMS) being
     installed on the water heater. The LMS will be installed by our technician at the time of the water
     heater verification.  Installation of the LMS is at the discretion of NREMC.

Qualifying units do not include:

  • A unit used for geothermal storage
  • More than one unit plumbed in series
  • A unit for seasonal use
  • A unit less than 50 gallon capacity
  • A unit installed within a home/business on a non-permanent foundation

By submitting the information below you are agreeing to the above terms.

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